Through the Looking Glass

No one's there

Different approach to photography composition

When a camera creates an image it captures a discrete moment in time.
An image can also represent an integration of all positions of moving objects, as well as the camera's viewpoint, over the period of time.

My image composition approach is through experimenting with multiple exposure, motion blur and focusing on the texture.

Objects blurred and smeared when moving towards camera.

Catching the motion of wind and rain.

Liquid textures

Liquid waves folding silk texture

Mixed texture of two fluids.

Teardrops (on the fire).

Golden droplet.

Fire walk with me

Playing with pyrotechnic stars.

Unsuccessful attempt to build a volcano.

Recently all photographers went mental with led lighting. I understand them all - it is a nice light ;).

Christmas lights

Few years ago during Christmas I felt the need to take some pictures of our Christmas tree.

There was no snow but rain outside. And yet the 'Christmas feel' was in the air.

Winter Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Due to the fact that England is not a very snowy country, I created pictures which imitate a bit snow stormy weather just to feel better during the wet, rainy December.

Led lights on long exposure - Christmas went well.