[Web Development & Cloud Servers]

Next Generation Web_Services

I specialize in:


  • Future Proof Websites
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Mobile Friendly, Fast & Secure


  • Cloud Servers
  • Debian, Funtoo, Gentoo,
  • Amazon Linux AMI
  • FreeBSD & NetBSD


  • Amazon VPC, Route 53 & Elastic Load Balancing
  • Amazon & Cloudflare CDN
  • Rapid Deployment & Scalability



  • -Installation
  • -Configuration
  • -Maintenance

  • -Security
  • -Monitoring
  • -Administration

  • -Troubleshooting
  • -Automation (scripts)
  • -Performance Tuning


With 11 years of experience with Linux servers I tackle a broad variety of disciplines and skills in the process of creating, setting up & configuring servers for speed and security.

-Starting from setting up new cloud/bare-metal machines with the appropriate distribution of Linux I do all necessary provisioning, setting up required configurations & software onto servers (such as web servers, application servers, load balancers, cache-backend and databases).
-I evaluate, maintain and troubleshoot all issues with hardware, software and applications within entire web infrastructure.
-Additionally I monitor critical servers and processes for failures and performance bottlenecks.
-Finally I document and analyse configuration processes - reviewing all changes, upgrades, applications, patches, code submitted for use on the servers - to make sure that absolutely nothing will collide or interrupt with continuous work of servers I'm working on.

Fast & Secure Networks

I research and select the appropriate data communications components and configure them to meet particular application requirements.
I secure and maximize network performance, improving uptime and scalability by monitoring, troubleshooting network problems and outages & using various cloud providers (AWS, Gandi.net, Azure, DigitalOcean).

I plan, design, build and configure entire cloud infrastructures.

I have good knowledge of TCP/IP stack, HTTP/HTTPS protocols, network security, storage, NoSQL databases, caching systems & load balancing.
I use VPC, CloudWatch, IAM, Route 53, Cloudflare, New Relic tools to manage, monitor, analyse and to administer network infrastructure.

Previous Websites:


Besides building cloud infrastructures and web servers I sometimes do tailor-made interactive websites.
I follow the latest technologies in web development and my workflow is the result of the precisely combined frontend & backend tools which include build scripts, pre-processors and minification, source code management, testing as well as deployment.

The use of modern technologies and methods, providing work on the widest range of browsers and devices, support for HD screens, smart use of animations require well' configured servers and use of fast networks, CDN & load balancers to maintain responsiveness of websites.

All websites I've build & taken care of - are individually researched & tailored to individual needs.

Previous Projects:


When working on various tech projects I always meticulously document the entire workflow, write notes, snippets and code workarounds. I have written a selection of documentation and how-tos, which are available on the Github.

Some of them are rather elementary, and some are fairly specific or even obscure.

They are covering various aspects of web development, Linux ( both Desktop and Server) configurations, kernel, drivers, fonts, terminal environment & tools, even monitor color management for Linux.