Black & White

What You Perceive Is Not Always What You Think You See


It is all about light

Shooting in black and white predominantly for the last years has been one of the most important aspects of my photographic development.

It allowed me to focus on the relationship between light and the subject (and the shadows that form) as well as on the other contemporary elements like patterns, lines and forms.

B&W Home

I tend to focus on various elements in the frame, both in terms of their shape and form, but also how they relate to one another. Around us is a hidden world to explore only when you fucus to see connecting elements in the foreground and background).


Color would distract me – black and white simplifies the ability to see these elements and play with them.

Black and white is not a limitation
but a creative choice

When shooting color photography I rely on contrasting colors to create separation between elements within the frame. With black-and-white, I don't have that luxury.
Instead, I consider contrasting light, simplistic negative spaces, textures, lines and shapes. That helps to expand my own understanding of what I'm shooting and what I'm seeing.

B&W allows me to explore some of the most basic elements of composition, texture and form.

See Differently

Looking at the picture without the distraction of color can provide a stronger emotional connection to the subject. I feel more connected to the subjects captured in black and white over a color image. With color gone, it’s purely about the connection with the image.

Shooting in B&W is more challenging and it is pushing me to explore different routes and methods to make pictures.


With black and white photos, the real beauty of the subject is captured. Black and white photos are simple (not in the bad meaning) and honest.

B&W photography have also a specific mood which I personally prefer. All those contrasts, subtleness, shadows and other factors which make them special to me.