Urban Landscapes By Night

Place & time

It’s all about finding something interesting in an ordinary place

Photographs I shot, very often reflect the nocturnal atmosphere of the city - thanks to the lighting from the storefronts, lamp posts or passing through cars. On my pictures I try to strengthen the connection between people and places they share.
The main actors aren't people - but the places they are vividly connecting with just in front of my eyes.

Very often I tend to take an urban lights as the subject of my pictures. City at night create very intense colour contrasts.

Nighttime city - colors and motion of passing cars and people create unique mixture with motionless, aging, desolated buildings.

Almost entirely covered by a dark evening, the city presents itself with flickering lights. People rushing to their homes can witness this semi-directed play.

The atmosphere created in the evening when artificial light sources boldly take over streets showing the way to the late night pedestrians.

Foggy evening creates ethereal feeling. The light is diffused by thick humidity.

Night photography made me look at things differently. With night photography I can revisit those same subjects and scenes I see every day and turn them into something the human eye can never record in daytime.

Painting with the light.

Night photographs can give a true sense of the passage of time and motion.

Within the urban space at night, anything that is emitting light can be considered as a potential subject. Bland scenes by day can suddenly turn ominous and fascinating at night.